Jon + Meghan

ahhhh Jon + Meghan won a free in home session! 

I showed up to a condo building thinking "okay..."(tight spots, cool) Meghan buzzed me up and Chester, their baby boy came running down the hallway to welcome me. He walked me back to their door and as I walked in all I could think was "omg this is the cutest place I've ever been" This is when I threw my judgemental thoughts right out the damn window. Their living room had the most unique furniture, animal prints on the wall, cozy decor all around and cute lil family photos here + there. Both Jon + Meghan are wedding videographers at @bonsai.creative, so it was very easy to connect and talk about life things with them. We made cookies, had dance parties, ATE the cookies, put Chester down for a nap + drank coffee to have a few intimate moments with just the two of them. 

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