Ontario Couples Outfit Guide

So you don’t know what to wear?

I get it, and you’re not the first couple. One of my TOP asked questions is “omg what do we wear?!”

Well I’ve compiled a few of my fav outfit ideas for each season of Ontario below - use them as guidelines and try to pick pieces from your closet instead of buying a whole new outfit.. or thrift it! Clothes you already own make you feel comfortable, but new clothes make you feel new and empowered - this is completely up to you!

i’ll give ya some tips along the way, okkkk here we go!


For spring sessions you’ll want your outfits to pop, but nothing too extreme keeping in mind that if one of you has a simple outfit to make the other a bit more out there. For men denim, black pants or kahki’s are always a good idea, paired with a simple top while for women it’s always a nice touch to wear a floral or detailed dress or a colourful outfit to stand out beside your boo! ;)


SUMMMA! ☀ what’s better than being able to throw on some shorts, a tee and walk out the door? nothin’

I tend to say keep the bottoms simple and play your outfit up with COLOUR! There are so many beautiful tones being used for clothing these days, try and pick something super earthy or vibrant. Patterns or detail are always a good touch in the summer as well, but try to stay away from big chunky patterns, smaller the better!


mmmm coziness, wear all the dark earth tones and all the denim. Ahha in all seriousness, regular or black denim are always a good way to go! For tops think deep colours, plaid flannels, and big chunky knit sweaters!


winter sessions.. you’re probably thinking seriously? right? MY TIP: layers.

Most couples who want to do a winter session don’t know how helpful layers are. Start with a wicking fabric top + bottom if you have them, if not go for a regular thin long sleeve top and some long johns. After that put a thin sweater, and then your “nice” sweater/top you want to wear for photos! Layer even more with a statement jacket or coat. Having all these layers on will give you the opportunity to wear your coat + sweater which = more variety of photos!

so there ya have it, a bunch of outfit ideas right at your finger tips! if you have any other questions, or need further help styling let me know, I’d be so happy to help! ◡̈

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