Christmas Mini’s Info

Saturday November 17th, 2018 @ Guelph Lake Nature Centre

Please note: They are currently building a NEW nature centre in the park, we will be meeting at the OLD nature centre located before the park entrance!

I’ve added this map below to help out (nature centre is the red dot), if you go straight down Conservation Road, it’s on your right side, after the dam!

Screen Shot 2018-11-13 at 1.53.33 PM.jpg


01. plan your outfits!

The worst thing that happens to me is I have an outfit idea in my head then I try it on and it is too tight in some places and then it is too late for me to find something else.

Begin with the most difficult person to dress first - plan all other outfits around that person. Remember to coordinate colours + patterns as if you were pulling ONE outfit together!

Consider the colours in your home when you’re planning your outfits, these will ultimately hang in your home and need to fit cohesively reflecting the personality and style of your family! . I recommend trying on everything you plan on wearing, taking a picture in it and making sure you look great and feel great in those outfits. 

02. get lots of sleep

Go to bed early and get a good night sleep. The last thing anyone wants is bags under their eyes, an aching body, or just the feeling of being rushed or overwhelmed.  

I am always much better after having enough sleep, I feel like I can conquer the world and I can take on the day.

Happy children = beautiful portraits.

Rested parents = beautiful portraits.



03. make sure you eat + drink lots

Drink lot’s of water + stay hydrated days before the session - your skin looks healthier and you don’t look drained.

Also fill the bellies of all session participants before the mini session. This is especially true for lil kids + dads!

04. don’t forget any props

I will have a few blankets to use to sit on or bundle up with, but feel free to bring your own!

Bring along any small, meaningful items you’d like to incorporate into your session. (Dogs included - big or small)



05. have a helper/encourager for your day

Ask a cousin, Grandma or Grandpa to tag along to get kids laughing and interacting..make sure to bring someone who can make you feel comfortable, give you encouragement, etc.  

Do not bring someone who is going to tell the photographer how to do their job or make the process longer than it should be.  

Bring a cheerleader not a debbie downer. 

06. Relax + be yourselves!

Photo shoots are a big deal, they can be pricey so make sure you are relaxed, and that you know that this is for you.  

Take time to get your nails done if needed, don't do anything crazy the night before like binge drink.

You want to be your best possible you for these photos, so take time for you.

my biggest advice: BE. YOUR. SELF. Don’t watch what you say or do around me, were all human and the more outgoing and yourself you are - the easier it makes my job + the more lovely your photos will be because its the REAL YOU!



07. arrive early

Arrive 5-10 minutes early to give yourself plenty of time for last minute issues that may arise.

Mini sessions run back to back and any amount of time that you’re late will directly impact the length of YOUR session - I will NOT be dipping into the time of another couple or family session!

08. wait for photos

+ order

I will be sending out full galleries within a week of your session date!

Want me to design + order your Christmas cards? LETS CHAT!